Cheryl as a Copy Editor

Cheryl graduated from Pomona College with a major in English. While a student, she was the copy editor on two college newspapers. Today she is a freelance copy editor who works on a contract basis.


Cheryl prefers working as a copy editor on mysteries and romance novels. She does manuscript editing on other types of fiction as well, such as science fiction.


Since Cheryl has a degree in English with a minor in French, she does non-fiction copy editing in the area of English literature or poetry. Other foreign languages she has studied are Italian and German, thus she can edit any works containing German, French, or Italian phrases.

Cheryl as a Calligrapher

Cheryl has studied calligraphy for many years under some of the best calligraphers in the United States. She can do lettering in such hands as Old English, Italic, Copperplate, uncial, black letter, Roman, and many others. She does a wide range of calligraphy projects, from diplomas and wedding invitations to abecedaries and greeting cards (e.g.Christmas Cards).