Lots of flowers
African Daisy  A yellow African daisy top view African Daisy  Top view of the spectacular African daisy African Iris  Dietes bicolor Agapanthus  Also known as lily of the Nile
Amaryllis  Also known as naked ladies. These are a late summer flowering bulb. : 1 Star Amaryllis  Amaryllis belladonna : 1 Star Apricot  This is the flower of a fruiting apricot. They have a delicate scent Avocado  Avocado flowers are small. There are two tyes of flowers that open at different parts of the day. : 1 Star
Azalea  Closeup of an azelea showing the stamens, pistil and color shading. Azalea  A showy Spring azelea : 1 Star Camellia  Closeupof a formal pink camellia Camellia  Camellia japonica : 1 Star
Chive  Chive has a good lavender flower. : 1 Star Clivia  Closeup of a clivia flower. Clivia  This is a shade loving bulb with a late spring flower. : 1 Star Cockscomb  Spring flower bed border plant
Crepe Myrtle  Lagerstroemia indica Cupflower  Nierembergia scoparia : 1 Star Cupflower  Nierembergia scoparia. Wonderful blue-lavender flower : 1 Star Daffodil  Closeup of a pure yellow daffodil
Daffodil  Variety of daffidil with white petals and delicate orange trumpet Daffodil  White and orange daffodils Daffodil  Narcissus pseudonarcissus. A wonderful welcome to Spring. : 1 Star Dahlia  Closeup of a white tipped purple dahlia
Daisy  Daisies in various colors Dill  The popular herb dill has delicate yellow flowers Double Hollyhock Pink  A variety of hollyhock with a double set of petals. Five petal flower  Closeup showing color variation of the flowering unknow plant : Photo Stream
Flowering pear  Closeup of a flowering pear with contrasting stamens Geranium  Pelargonium. Closeup of the geranium Hollyhock  Notice the wasp. The wasp cuts bits out of the leaves for nest material. Honey Myrtle  Melaleuca nesophila
Honeysuckle  Lonicera japonica. Note the color change as the flower ages Hydrangea  Hydrangea with blue flowers. Ice plant  This is a summer bright spot. : 1 Star Iris  Top view of purple and lavender traditional flag iris. : 1 Star
Iris  Closeupof purple and lavender iris : 1 Star Iris  Top view of purple and lavender iris : 1 Star Iris  A golden yellow iris with bronze veining : 1 Star Iris  Another spectacular flag iris : 1 Star
Iris  One yellow iris amidst a a group of lavender irises (Remember the famous Van Gogh painting?) Iris  Deep purple with light lavender upper petals : 1 Star Jacaranda  Closeup of the jacaranda Kalanchoe  Kalanchoe blossfeldiana : 1 Star
Lantana  Closeup of lavender lantana Lily  Yellow lily with spotted throat Lily  Rose-red lily closeup Lily  Yellow lily with copper center
Lipstick Tulip  Tulipa Clusiana : 1 Star Lipstick Tulip  THis is a small tulip variety. : 1 Star Lobelia  Closeup of a blue-purple spring plant. It flower profusely. : 1 Star Lobelia  Closeup of lobelia
Lobelia  Lobelia erinus. Compact plant with scads of flowers. : 1 Star Low growing border plant  Prolific flowering spring plant Magnolia  THis is a closeup of the white, flowery scented magnolia Mallow  A beautiful rose lavender mallow with burgandy red spots : 1 Star
Mexican Primrose  This si a closeup showing the yellow center and deeper colored veining. : 1 Star Mexican Primrose  Mexican Primrose grown in a pot. It is related to the evening primrose. It is in a pot because it has invasive roots that can overtalke a yard quickly. : 1 Star Natal plum  Carissa macrocarpa Natal plum  Flower and fruit together.
Natal plum  Pure white of the naal plum, a ground cover Orange Daylily  Top view closeup of a day lily Orchid  Orchids are always a showy flower Pansies  Pansies always have such wonderful color combinations in a wide spectrum. : 1 Star
Pansy  A wonderful yellow and bronze pansy. : 1 Star Pansy  This pansy plant bloomed well into the summer. : 1 Star Petunia  Petunia. A wonderful deep purple large petunia : 1 Star Poppy  Papaver. Typical red poppy : 1 Star
Ranunculus  Cliseup of ranunculus Ranunculus  Ranunculus is a Spring flower that gives bright color. Rose  Closeup of a pink rose Rose  Closeup of a Chicago Peace rose with a insect
Rose Tulip  This tulip naturalized and came up on its own for several years. : 1 Star Rose  Rose variety Chicago Peace : 1 Star Rosemary  Closeup of rosemary flowers Sage  The herb has great flowers
Salvia  Red flower Shamrock  This shamrock is about a year and a half old. It was given to Stuart on his birthday in 2011. Spyria  White flowers of the hedge bush Sweet Pea  Beautiful deep red flowers with a couple of purple ones for contrast. : 1 Star
Sweet Pea  Sweet peas have good colors from delicate to bold. This is a bold rose red Sweet Pea  Closeup of a rose red sweet pea Sweet Pea Sweet Pea  Purple Sweet Pea in Spring of 2006. The leaves are from tomato plants. : 1 Star
Sweet Peas  A mixed color garden of sweet peas. : 1 Star SweetPea  Closeup of deep rose sweet peas Tipuanu  Tipuanu Tipu. Lots of sprays of showy yellow flowers Tulip  Top view of the rose tulip. : 1 Star
Tulip  Orange tulip. Tulip  Top view of the lipstick tulip. : 1 Star Unknown succulent  A random rose-lavender flower Vinca  Vinca ranges from white to deep lavender. This is a variety with deep rose center fading to pink. : 1 Star
White Violet  This is a pure white violet. Wild Strawberry  White flowers of the Fraise de Boise. Wood Hyacinth  This ia a shde plant that gives good spring color : 1 Star Yellow Daylily  Top closeup of a yellow daylily